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Hot Melt Filter Element Paper Bonding Machine

Filter Element Bonding Machine is used to bond the pleated filter paper ends by hot melt.
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Filter Element Bonding Machine

This machine is used to bond the pleated filter paper ends by hot melt.

The Structurer of Oil filter


Filter manufacturing process

The finished filter element is put into the shell → the cover plate and the shell are pressed and formed by the can sealing machine (the cover plate needs to be glued with a gluing machine before packaging) → the shell is printed with a silk screen printing machine → leak detector inspection → film sealing machine packaging → carton packaging → put into a tray for storage.


Technical parameters

Product capability 10pcs/min
Filter paper height <=250mm
Hot melt applicator capacity 10kg
Hot melt Machine Heating Power 6kw
Working air pressure: 0.6Mpa
Power supply 380V/50hz
Thickness of strip 0.25-0.3mm
Pleating height 10-45mm


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