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Installation and removal of the anvil cover in the corrugated paper production line

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Corrugated paper is made from straw pulp and waste paper pulp. After passing through the corrugated paper production line, it is pressed into various shapes and patterns. After that, corrugated paper can be processed into corrugated cardboard and corrugated boxes, which are widely used as packaging for food, daily necessities, household appliances, and other products. Next, let us understand the installation and removal of anvil cover in the corrugated paper production line. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Installation process

  • Removal process

Installation process

The anvil cover in the corrugated paper production line comes in various sizes and colors and is one of the important parts of the paper machine. It not only has good wear resistance, high precision, complete specifications but also can improve the quality of die-cutting.

The following is the installation process of the anvil cover in the corrugated paper production line. The first step is to insert the steel angle end of the anvil cover into the keyway. One thing to note here is to center the slot in the steel angle end and align it with the threaded hole in the keyway, and then manually tighten it with an Allen key. It should be noted not to over-tighten. The second step is to wrap the lock rod end of the anvil cover around the cylinder. The third step is that the lock lever must touch the keyway before the first strike. You need to first press the end of the lock lever into the keyway and then hit it with a blunt hammer. The first hammer blow should be about 3 inches from the edge, just above the seam, then apply force. The second hammer strike is roughly in the center above the seam. The final hammer blow should be delivered near the edge of the cover, just above the seam.

Removal process

If the corrugated paper production line needs to be replaced with a new anvil, here is the removal process of the anvil. The first step is to start removing the first anvil cover located at either end of the cylinder, working across the cylinder to the opposite end. The second step is to insert the lever tool under the lock lever in the cylindrical keyway area, gently pry up on the lock bar, and release the anvil cover from the keyway. The last step is to unbolt the TIMESAVER from the cylinder keyway using an Allen T-wrench to remove the bolts.

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