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Introduction of spare parts and repair of dryer cylinder for paper making equipment

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The drying cylinder of paper making equipment is a key part of paper drying, and it is a type I pressure vessel. The continuous innovation of its structure enables paper making equipment to achieve higher speed, higher width, and higher quality paper. The number of dryer cylinder cylinders accounts for about 2/3 of the total number of pressure vessels in the paper industry. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of spare parts and repairs for the dryer cylinder of the paper making equipment. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Introduction of spare parts.

  • Repair steps.

Introduction of spare parts.

The first is the dryer cylinder drum turbulator. The purpose of the turbulator in the drying cylinder of the paper making equipment is to destroy the condensate ring formed in the dryer cylinder during high-speed operation and generate more turbulence. The turbulator is installed on the inner surface of the dryer cylinder. It rotates at the same speed as the dryer cylinder, so it will move the water ring to produce turbulence, which is good for heat transfer. The split design makes it lightweight and quick and easy installation. The overall structure has high radial and axial strength to ensure maximum installation stability.

The second is the drying cylinder siphon. To ensure the smooth discharge of condensed water in the dryer cylinder and avoid flooding; make the surface temperature of the cylinder as high as possible to improve the drying efficiency; to reduce the temperature difference on the surface of the cylinder and make the paper water content uniform, the choice of the siphon is critical. The dryer cylinder drainage siphon in paper making equipment is divided into two types: fixed type and rotary type. The fixed siphon is fixed at a certain point outside the dryer cylinder and does not rotate with the dryer cylinder. The rotating siphon is fixed in the dryer cylinder and rotates with the dryer cylinder.

The last is the rotary joint of the drying cylinder. The dryer cylinder in the drying cylinder of the paper making equipment needs steam, and the internal condensate needs to be drained. But because the dryer cylinder is a rotating cylinder, a special joint is needed to complete this task, that is, the steam joint. Steam inlet and outlet are usually completed by a rotary joint at one end of the dryer cylinder, or steam inlet and outlet at one end.

Repair steps.

Due to the high temperature and pressure of the drying cylinder in the drying cylinder of the paper making equipment during operation, the shaft head of the drying cylinder is prone to wear and tear, causing the equipment to fail to operate. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the dryer cylinder. The following are the steps to repair the wear and tear of the paper machine dryer cylinder shaft head. The first is to decrease the worn parts of the shaft head to remove oil stains. The second is to polish the worn surface and clean it with absolute ethanol. Third, blend the carbon nano-polymer materials according to the proportions and apply the coating along the reference surface. Fourth, wait for the material to solidify. Remove excess material after curing. Finally, the repair is complete, and the bearing is reinstalled.

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