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MG felt

MG felt, a BOM upper felt, is used as a Yankee cylinder roller press top blanket for the production of specific paper grades. it plays a key role in the quality of the paper produced.
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MG felt description

MG felt is used as a Yankee cylinder roller press top felt for the production of specific paper grades. The requirements for the high temperature and ageing resistance, wear and tear resistance, dimensional stability, surface flatness and water filtration and permeability of the blanket are extremely strict.

Production line

warping → weave base layer →  setting for base layer → finishing batt layer → needling → heat setting → print logo →  packaging

Technical development

On the basis of the technical parameters of the original process, reasonable adjustments were made to the structure of the base net, the thickness of the fibre layer and the setting of the laying layer;

We made some reasonable settings to the needling and other process to eliminate some disadvantages of the original product.

MG felt advantages

It can play a great role in reducing the felt marks, the difference between the two sides of the paper, reducing the amount of steam used in the drying cylinder, preventing the paper from drying too fast and increasing the speed of your paper machine


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