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Paper Machine Blind Hole Press Roll

Press roll is the main spare parts of paper machine,which mainly used on press section. It can be divided into vacuum press roll, blind hole press roll, groove press roll ,stone press roll and rubber press roll. Choose the right press roll is very important for paper mill.

Blind Hole Press Roll

Blind hole press roller is another improved press roller developed on the basis of grooved roller in the 1970s. Blind hole press roller is also in the iron core roll rubber or polyurethane. Drilling surface covered with a hole diameter of 2mm, 12-15mm deep blind hole. Can also drill different shades of blind holes between two rows of white, blind hole press roller opening rate of about 25% to 30%, the eyelet volume than about 5 times the pressure roller, it can accommodate more press water.

paper machine blind hole press role


In addition to the advantages of groove press roll,It also has four outstanding advantages:

1.It can make the moisture of wet paper uniform and reduce the blanket mark on the paper surface.

2.The water entering the blind hole can be thrown out by the compressed air after the pressure is released.

3.special bonding system ensures the safe operation under high speed and high linear pressure; 4.good wear resistance, effective dehydration,Stable hardness.

paper machine blind hole press role

Technical Parameter

We customize according to different requirements of customers


Blind hole press roll


700-1510 mm

Face length


Working speed

According to paper machine

Max linear pressure/tension



The roller is made of cast steel (iron )

Surface treatment groove

Covered rubber,composite material 

Packing & Delivery

Seaworthy wooden case waterproof film, straw rope, carton box etc.

paper machine blind hole press role


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