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Paper Making Machine Nylon Triple Layer Press Felt

Press felt is an important consumption material in papermaking industry. It is mainly used in fourdrinier paper machine, cylinder paper machine, paperboard machine to transfer wet paper and dehydration. It can be divided in single layer felt, double layer felt and triple layer felt.


Paper Machine Felt

The felts are composed of base mesh layer and fiber layer.The main function of the press section of the paper machine is to remove water as much as possible before the paper enters the dryer section to increase the dryness of the paper. Every increase of 1% of the dryness of the output press paper can reduce the drying load of the dryer by 4%. Therefore, it can save energy and increase production; in addition, the press section has the function of appropriately increasing the tightness of the paper, increasing the fiber binding force and paper strength, and improving the smoothness.


06 拷贝_副本

Triple Layer Felt

Triple layer paper machine felt includes 1 +2, 2 +1 and 1 +1 +1 composite BOM felt. These felts can be applied to more than 200kN/m linear pressure and possess good flexibility; good permeability and can effectively eliminate many kinds of marks, excellent size stability, long life performance etc. 

Production Process


Packing & Delivery

1.Bubble Film and waste thick fabric wrapping while protecting inside fabric.
2.Wrapped special fabric package outside(Air shipping).
3.Composite wooden box(sea shipping).


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