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Refiner Disc for Double Disc refiner

The refiner disc is one kind of spare part of refiners that is appied in pulping process or beating pulp.

Refiner Disc

Refiner plate is the "heart" of the refiner. There are several to dozens of tooth types for each size of refiner plate. It is mainly used to deal with the fibers in the pulp to make them loose, cut moderately and separate; What's more important is that the fiber absorbs water and swells when beating, so that it has high elasticity and plasticity, and meets the requirements of paper machine production, so that the paper produced can reach the expected quality index.




The refiner disc is one kind of spare part of refiners that is applied in pulping process or beating pulp.
Refiner plate is the core of the beating process of pulping machine components in paper and pulp industry , and it's used the method of grinding in section mechanical action,belong to wearing parts,Its service life directly affects the pulp quality, paper quality and production efficiency.
We can supply all kinds of refiner disc with different shape and materials according to the requirements of clients.

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Wooden case, shiping by sea or by air



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