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Ten Shaft Polyester 1.5 Layer Forming Belt

Forming fabric is an important equipment on paper machine, and it is a device for paper forming and dewatering. It dehydrates the pulp suspension from headbox and runs the paper sheet to the subsequent section.



1.5 Layer Forming Fabric

The 1.5 layer forming fabric is actually a 5-shed single layer fabric that have modified to have extra yarns which provides it the same properties as that of a double layer one. 

The 1.5 layer is easy to clean; increase sheet release as well as retention and with the extra fabric provides an excellent drainage.

535465 Benefit

1.Stronger dewatering performance, long life.

2.Excellent formation and excellent fiber support.

3.No fabric marking and easy to clean.

4.Very good stable and wear resistance.

Packing & Delivery

1.Bubble Film and waste thick fabric wrapping while protecting inside fabric.
2.Wrapped special fabric package outside(Air shipping ).
3.Composite wooden box(seashipping ).



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