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Wire Felt Guider Ceramic Pulse Sensor

Pneumatic felt and wire automatic corrector is composed of pulse sensor and pneumatic actuator.
It is used to correct the deviation when the felt and wire of paper machine deviates from the normal running track.


Pulse Sensor

The detector head is essentially a high sensitivity three position four-way rotary valve. When the net or blanket deviates, the baffle swings, and the inlet and outlet direction of the air path is changed by the detection head. The compressed air is sent to the corrugated pneumatic tire of the actuator to push the corrector. The forms of pneumatic actuators manufactured by different foreign manufacturers are different, but their basic structures are similar.

The displacement of automatic correction is 60 ~ 70mm, which can meet the needs of paper machines with width less than 3200mm.


When the baffle of the pulse sensor is in the middle position, the air pressure of the pneumatic tires on both sides of the actuator of the corrector is equal, and the corrector is in the center position. 

When the net or blanket deviates, the baffle deviates from the middle position, and the pulse sensor converts the offset signal into a pressure signal to pressurize or depressurize the air in the left pneumatic tire of the actuator, and the corrector moves to the left or right, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic correction.

 The structural pulse sensor is composed of baffle, detector head, support, connecting pipe, etc.


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