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cylinder mould Former for paper machine

The Cylinder Mould can be said to be the heart of paper machine used for manufacturing paper and board and is responsible for controlling the stick flow and picking up onto the felt and also for formation of a homogeneous single and multi layer and profile of the substance fully across the web.


Cylinder Mould Former

A complete set of mould former include: cylinder mould, couch roll , guide roll, felt foil box ,movable spray pipe ,frame and base plate .Foundation part including sole plate, anchor bolt ,nut etc. foundation drawing content : reserve hole position ,size, elevation, the static and dynamic load of each driving point. it is only for technical reference. the sole plate material is cast iron HT 200 , through 2 times again eliminate stress processing.



The vacuum cylinder mould former comprises a frame, and a square cone tube is arranged at the bottom of the frame for slurry feeding;

The machine frame is provided with a plurality of boxes, and an air pump is arranged above the box. 

The air pump is connected with the inside of the box, and the air is pumped by the air pump to make the inside of the box close to the vacuum state.



Our cylinder mould former has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and low cost. At the same time, due to the small overall volume, the utility model is easy to be placed. Compared with the existing technical products, the utility model is more convenient in transportation, thus reducing the transportation cost


Packing & Delivery

Packing Details  : Spray antirust oil on machine surface and cover PE film, then packed in wooden box in the container(including all parts)



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