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How to manage paper machine spare parts?

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Paper machine equipment maintenance is the foundation of paper machine operation. Good paper machine spare parts management can effectively guide equipment maintenance, improve equipment maintenance efficiency, and achieve a multiplier effect.

The importance of paper machine spare parts to equipment maintenance is self-evident. When a piece of equipment fails, even if you accurately determine the cause of the failure, you know how to overhaul it, but because there are no corresponding spare parts, the overhaul can only be delayed. Below I will give you a detailed introduction on how to manage paper machine spare parts.

The following is a list of contents:

  • The establishment of the ledger

  • Important level classification

  • Precautions

The establishment of the ledger

The equipment ledger can be understood as a "business card" for paper machine spare parts. All information related to paper machine spare parts should be understood through this "business card". In addition, the equipment ledger should include all equipment spare parts involved in the production process of the paper machine, and the content of the equipment ledger should be updated in time according to the changes in the equipment during the production process.

The paper machine spare parts account shall include the name of the spare parts, production date, input date, nameplate data, matching motors, maintenance records, etc.

Important level classification

The purpose of classification of the importance of paper machine spare parts is mainly according to the importance of the equipment in the production process.

Reasonably allocate manpower and material resources. Generally speaking, the equipment can be divided into two categories: A and B.

Class A equipment spare parts are important equipment, mainly referring to important positions in the production process. If there is a problem with such equipment, it is necessary to switch the paper machine spare parts as soon as possible, otherwise, it will affect the operation of the entire paper machine, and in severe cases, it will cause the paper machine to stop and other vicious accidents. Such as hydraulic pumps and air compressors in hydraulic oil stations.

Class B equipment is auxiliary equipment, which is not in a critical position in the normal production process. There are usually more than two paper machine spare parts during normal operation. If a problem occurs during operation, it can be temporarily separated from the production system for maintenance at any time, without affecting the normal production of the paper machine. Such as the pump and agitator in the auxiliary material system of the paper machine.


(1) According to the equipment account, be familiar with the stock paper machine spare parts required by each piece of equipment, as well as the corresponding specifications and models. Taking the pump as an example, it should include shafts, couplings, seals (packing, mechanical seals, O-type points, etc.), bearings, etc.

(2) Determine the minimum inventory of paper machine spare parts according to the importance of the equipment. The inventory principle should be Class A equipment> Class B equipment. In the selection of paper machine spare parts, a set of accessories is preferred. For gearboxes, it is recommended to directly use integral gearboxes as spare parts instead of buying internal gears, shafts, bearings, etc. as spare parts. A full set of spare parts for the paper machine can effectively improve maintenance efficiency and reduce the occurrence of maintenance failures.

(3) Paper machine spare parts should be classified and stored, with specifications and models, names of main equipment, minimum stocks, existing stocks, and other relevant information marked, and relevant information should be updated in real-time.

(4) Declare paper machine spare parts accurately and effectively, and do not over declare. Such as pump casings, bearing seats, etc., although they belong to the scope of paper machine spare parts, they are rarely damaged during use and have a long life cycle. Therefore, the inventory quantity must be strictly controlled to reduce costs.

The maintenance of paper machine equipment and the management of paper machine spare parts are very systematic work, requiring the joint efforts of all employees to achieve the desired results.

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