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  Customers from different distric made great reviews for press felt, forming fabric, drywe fabric, pulp pump, press roll, vacuum suction box, cylinder mould former, pressure screen, headbox for paper machine.


We put the 55 CFM pick up felt in the machine and it is working well, although it has been in place for 18 days it is showing good stability and production.


Thank you for being so patient with me on this,we have placed the 3 layer forming fabric in our machine, it is working without problems and it has a good retention rate.


I appreciate you being so enthusiastic about following details of this belt,we have received it,it surface looks smooth and clean,And we tested the air permeability, it really fit our needs.


We have already used this pump,its sealing performance is good,thank you.


Hola, the rubber roll arrived in our factory. The package is good, no damage,the surface is very smooth and nice.In next day we will inspect it,hope it will within our standard.


It’s excellent that you are helping to make a difference.Indeed, your suggestion is more suitable for our paper machine. These four vacuum box have installed in our machine and it works well with our other vacuum box.


Thank you for understanding my request .Your workmanship is good,I hardly found burr.This cylinder former is already operating in our factory.If there is no problem, we will purchase the second one from you.


Good morning,we are assembling them now,everything looks good.Any issue I will inform you.


Your delivery time is very accurate,the headbox is arrived,and it looks good, we will install it, if we have any question we will contact you.

Trommel screen

Good morning
Trommel screen works very good.
Performance is enough for our production about 100t/day, and there is still some reserve.

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