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How to prolong the service life of forming fabric

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4234234234 Forming Fabric

In the production of paperboard, it is very important to choose the right fabric.

In addition to long service life and effective dehydration performance, the forming fabric must have good retention capacity, minimum fiber and water carrying capacity, high dimensional and diagonal stability, and good fiber support capability.

How to prolong the service life of forming fabric

1. The elements of the long screen paper machine must be accurately aligned and in good mechanical condition;

(a) All water filtering elements must be fastened and at the same height;

(b) Check that the tension spring and the automatic tension adjusting device cannot spring up;

2. Poor cleaning and routine maintenance are the main reasons for shortening the service life of the forming fabric;

(a) Ensure that there is no fiber accumulation forming pulp block falling into the inner side of the forming mesh;

(b) Keep the doctor blade in good condition;

3. Eliminate the abrasive filler, such as calcium sulfate;

4. Check the track, correction, tension, load and slip of the net;

5. Keep the spray water temperature and pH consistent with the pulp;

6. The upper surface of vacuum suction box with low friction coefficient is adopted;

7. Check the installation of the forming board to ensure that there is enough space for uniform and minimum drainage of the breast roll;

8. Check the cleaning of the wire turning roll system;

9. Check the edge fixing device or headbox cheek for wear marks to determine whether the installation is too low.


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