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Long Life Potential SSB Triple Layer Forming Fabrics for Culture Papers

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As THE LARGEST SUPPLIER of PMC paper machine clothing(the northern Jiangsu area),Sun Hong not only sell items, also supply you all-in-one solution of PMC.

a) 10 to 20 Tons PMC EXPORT volume each quarter

b) the advanced equipments assure production quality 

c) Delivery time is guaranteed. 

d) Superior Finished Paper Quality 

e)Good economical profit


Forming Fabric Design Model: (SSB 2/4B67/63)

The difference between the SSB2/4B67/63 new SSB three-layer network designed by Sun Hong and the conventional SSB three-layer network is that the warp adopts a 3:2 weaving method, while the conventional SSB three-layer network has a warp ratio of 1:1. This design The advantage is that it can provide better fiber support on the paper sheet of the forming wire, which can help the paper machine to bring good sheet formation and provide good retention effect at the same time. 

The conventional SSB three-layer mesh tends to sacrifice the water filtration effect of the forming mesh when improving the retention effect, but the SSB2/4B67/63 type three-layer mesh designed by Sun Hong makes up for this defect. When providing high retention effect  .  It can also provide high air permeability and improve the dehydration effect of the mesh part.

In order to make the forming mesh have better stability, all raw materials produced by Sun Hong use monofilament raw materials from PERLON Company in Germany, and all production equipment is also from JAGER Company in Germany

Established in 2010, Sun Hong Group is a comprehensive company integrating planning, design, technical support, production, testing and training. We have a professional technical... 
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