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Spare parts include Cleaner Cone, Filter Bag, Refiner Plate, Screen Basket and Screen Plate. The cleaner cone can be divided into low, medium and high concentrations. It mainly uses the principle of centrifugal force to separate the slurry and impurities to achieve the purpose of slurry purification. The multi-plate filter bag is applicable to the fan-shaped filter plate of various types of multi-plate filters. The corrugated structure of the filter bag is also conducive to the stripping of the filter cake. Refiner plate is mainly used to process the fibers in the pulp, and directly produce shearing, crushing, stretching, friction and other forces on the pulp fibers to change the fiber shape to meet the papermaking adaptability. The screen basket is divided into drilled screen basket and wedge wire screen basket for screening slurry. The working principle of screen plate is similar to that of filter screen, it has dual functions and can transport and screen materials.

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