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The characteristics, functions, and applications of paper machine clothing

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The paper machine clothing round yarn dryer fabric is made of round high-strength warp and weft yarns. It ensures the stable operation of the double-layer warp knitting machine and the operation of the double-layer net. The surface of the paper machine clothing drying net is uniform and smooth, which greatly improves the heat transfer and drying capacity. Next, let's take a look at the characteristics, functions, and applications of paper machine clothing dry clothing fabrics. Here are some answers.

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  • What are the characteristics and advantages of paper machine clothing dry clothing fabrics?

  • What are the functions of paper machine clothing?

  • What are the applications of paper machine clothing?

What are the characteristics and advantages of paper machine clothing dry clothing fabrics?

Our paper machine clothing woven dry cloth material has excellent hydrolysis resistance under wet conditions and degradation resistance under dry heat conditions, which can achieve the best economic life. PPS (Phenyl Sulfide) material can be used as an option to strengthen the edges to operate in harsh conditions. And we use different yarn structures and shapes to control air permeability and other characteristics, such as contact area, abrasion resistance, stability, and cleanliness. Round and rectangular monofilament yarns are used in paper machine clothing to woven dry fabrics. Rectangular or flat monofilament yarns are used as machine yarns and transverse yarns to improve the running performance of high-speed machines, paper handling, and abrasion potential.


What are the functions of paper machine clothing dry clothing fabric?

Paper machine clothing dryer fabrics play an important role in giving the paper its final shape. Paper machine clothing dryer fabric is also called conveyor belts. The paper is mechanically pressed onto the dryer. The selection of the paper machine clothing dryer screen depends on the paper grade, dryer configuration, dryer temperature, and more parameters. The average operating life of our dry network is 3 to 12 months. Even longer, depending on usage and more machine parameters.

What are the applications of paper machine clothing dry clothing fabrics?

According to the finnish standard, the first-class monofilament, paper machine clothing polyester fabric has stable performance and long working hours. Paper machine clothing polyester dryer fabric is widely used in the production of cardboard, kraft paper, corrugated paper, train ticket paper, single and double shed filter presses, instead of paper machine drying felt and canvas, and also suitable for coal, food, medicine and other industries as conveyor belts.

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