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The reasons to keep spare parts for the paper machine

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The paper machine production line equipment has a long process flow, complex specifications and models, and many systems. In this process, no matter which machine or component is damaged, it will cause a complete shutdown and cause certain economic losses to the enterprise. Therefore, maintaining paper machine spare parts is the basic condition to ensure the normal production of the paper mill, and it is also the focus of equipment maintenance and management. Today I will talk to you about why you need paper machine spare parts, and put forward some reference solutions.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Inherent productive downtime

  • Paper machine equipment shut down due to failure

Inherent productive downtime

1) The function of the wet end filtration and dewatering element will be reduced during use, and the dehydration and filtration will not achieve the initial effect; therefore, more paper machine spare parts are needed.

2) The replacement of process equipment, such as copper mesh and felt, should be replaced regularly when it meets the service life. The squeezing rubber roller and stone roller contact with the paper and the doctor blade and wear, and the middle height of the roller surface changes, which affects the product quality. In the paper machine production process, due to certain particularities and complexity, there are many equipment failure points for equipment failures, and equipment failures often occur. Since there are no paper machine spare parts, the uncertain paper machine failure line often has to be stopped.

Some parts have a short service life, and the replacement frequency of paper machine spare parts is high. There is a big gap between the failure cycle and the occupied maintenance time, and the management is difficult. Therefore, more spare parts must be prepared for the paper machine so as not to delay the normal work process.

Paper machine equipment shut down due to failure

(1) Wear and tear. The main reasons for this situation include long-term contact with copper mesh, pulp, felt, or forming paper wearing parts and equipment, such as pulper, slurry pump, vacuum box board, desander, calender roll, press roll, etc. Another reason is due to the frequent movement of parts between parts, such as steam inlets, vacuum rolls, scrapers, air cylinders, and vacuum pumps. Therefore, paper machine spare parts are readily available.

(2) Lubrication. Mechanical rotation is directly related to the bearing. Paper machines with rotating rolls have more types and numbers of rolls.

There are hundreds of different types of bearings. Therefore, lubrication management is very necessary. Especially affected by water, heavy load, and high temperature, lubricating oil is easy to evaporate, lose, and age, which will damage the lubricating effect. Resulting in bearing damage and shaft headwear problems. Therefore, it is also a good idea to keep paper machine spare parts.

(3) Fatigue. Heavy-duty and continuously operating machinery are prone to fatigue failures. On the paper machine, due to the limitation of structure and working principle, the parts can not have too much design strength to avoid damage, which can be solved through repair and technical transformation. However, some repairs require replacement parts, so it is extremely important to prepare paper machine spare parts.

After understanding the importance of retaining paper machine spare parts, you can reduce or avoid delays in work progress, thereby achieving higher work efficiency.

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