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Things you need to know about felt lint ? Why and How to slove it ?

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Reason: There are many reasons for the damage and the lint of the felt, mainly two of which are scraped by machine parts and chemical damage.

1.The most common reason is that the surface of the press felt torn loosened by high pressure water.

2.Lack of lubricating water between the vacuum panel and the blanket, which causes the temperature rise and the fiber is damaged.

3.Material of Vacuum suction cover is bad,large in friction coefficient, the edges of the cover and the seam has burrs or with sharp blade shaped, without rounding out the edges,the wrap Angle between the vacuum box and blanket is too large, high vacuum degree, local surface irregularities,fixed screw exposed,the above will lead to blanket abrasion .

4.Supporting roller surface with burrs, iron molds , the roller surface wrapped with slurry, or expander roller rubber thread stand is too high or stand has obvious edges and corners,no sharp edges exists between eight openings and rubber roller body or the high and low transition zone is too short, etc are likely to cause blanket abrasion .

Solution: 1.For paper machine especially middle speed or high speed paper machine,the rational use of lubricating water now only benefit to the clean degree of the blanket but also produce a water film between the vacuum panel and blanket which play a role as a lubrication, sealing and cooling effect.

2.Vacuum panel slit between the two strips should be used the same material as the panel material or lower wear-resisting performance than the panel material. From the outside of the vacuum area from dense to sparse and with appropriate amount of lubricating water.

3.All supporting roller surfaces should be smooth without burrs and rust,and copper rollers, stainless steel rollers and rubber rollers are options.

4.There is a speed difference between the relevant transmission points, causing the blankets to rub and wear out.Adjust the speed ratio of each transmission point correctly to avoid the abnormal speed difference.

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