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What are the advantages of paper-making equipment accessories?

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The press roll is the main spare part of paper-making equipment, mainly used in the press section. It can be divided into vacuum pressure roller, blind hole pressure roller, groove pressure roller, stone pressure roller, and rubber pressure roller. Choosing the right press roll is very important for paper mills. The groove pressure roller structure is a stone roller and a rubber roller. Use an alloy steel knife to cut spiral grooves with a width of 0.5-0.6mm, a depth of 1.0-3.5mm, and a groove distance of about 3.0-3.6mm on the rubber layer of the rubber roller. Next, let's take a look at what are the benefits of paper-making equipment accessories? Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Three advantages of paper-making equipment grooved rollers.

  • The benefits of paper-making equipment vacuum suction rollers.

  • The benefits of blind hole press roll for paper-making equipment.

Three advantages of paper-making equipment grooved rollers.

First, compared with ordinary press rolls, paper-making equipment groove press rolls are easy to dehydrate, requiring lower linear pressure and thicker rubber coating to reduce roll bulging and avoid uneven dehydration. Second, when using grooved rollers, the line pressure of the press can be increased without the risk of crushing and image generation. The pressed paper web has high dryness and uniform dehydration. Third, in some high-speed paper-making equipment, the groove press partly replaces the vacuum press.

The benefits of paper-making equipment vacuum suction rollers.

Vacuum suction squeezing rolls are mostly used in medium and high-speed paper-making equipment and are used to remove water and shape paper. The upper roller of the vacuum press is a stone roller, and the lower roller is a vacuum roller. The vacuum press roll can take more moisture from the wet paper. Compared with the ordinary press, it improves the dryness of the paper, reduces the shredded paper, dewaters more evenly along the width of the banner, and maintains the stability and good condition of the felt.

The benefits of blind hole press roll for paper-making equipment.

The blind hole press roll is another improved press roll developed based on the grooved roll in the 1970s. The blind hole pressure roller is also rubber or polyurethane in the iron core roller. The drilling surface is covered with blind holes with a diameter of 2mm and a depth of 12-15mm. Blind holes of different depths can also be drilled between the two rows of white. The opening rate of the blind hole press roller is about 25% to 30%, and the whole volume is about 5 times larger than the press roller, which can hold more press water. In addition to the advantages of the grooved pressure roller, the blind hole pressure roller of paper-making equipment has four outstanding advantages: first, it can make the moisture of the wet paper uniform and reduce the traces of the paper blanket. Second, the water entering the blind hole can be thrown out by the compressed air after the pressure is released. Third, the blind hole press roll of paper-making equipment has a special bonding system to ensure the safe operation of high-speed and high-line pressing. Fourth, it has good abrasion resistance, good dehydration effect, and stable hardness.

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