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What are the types of paper machine spare parts?

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To shorten the downtime of equipment maintenance, a certain number of accessories are often stored in the spare parts warehouse, called spare parts. Spare parts can shorten equipment maintenance downtime. Therefore, every enterprise must do a good job in the supply of spare parts, so it must produce and reserve a certain variety and quantity of spare parts. So what are the specifications of paper machine spare parts, the following editor will explain them one by one.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Back rope

  • Scraper

  • Air spring

  • Pulp pump

  • Sealing strip

  • Shower system

Back rope

The paper supporting rope in the paper machine spare parts should be wear-resistant and durable under high temperatures (180-280℃) and is suitable for paper guiding in the papermaking process.



Scraper is a common mechanical device in paper machine spare parts, which can be divided into two types: one is the scraper for cleaning rollers (including wire roll/press section, dryer, etc.); the other is a functional scraper, such as coating Layer scraper and creping scraper.


Air spring

The air springs in the paper machine spare parts are located in different areas of the paper-making process. The air spring is composed of an elastic rubber body reinforced with nylon cloth and an anti-rust plate with an air inlet and a blind nut. Rubber bellows can be used as vibration isolators and rubber actuators. The air spring can absorb up to 99% of unwanted vibrations, thereby avoiding further damage to the machine and metal structures. At the same time, they reduce the noise level.

Pulp pump

The non-clogging, non-leakage pulp pump is a single-stage, single-flow, volute centrifugal pump, suitable for pumping a variety of different media. Therefore, it is easy to maintain the paper machine spare parts. When removing or installing the impeller, wear-resistant lining, pump cover, and shaft seal bearing frame, due to the process design, there is no need to remove the pump from the suction pipe and the output pipe. The front and rear two wear-resistant linings provide adequate protection for the pump body and pump cover and prolong the service life. To improve efficiency, the three-bladed impeller is turned on.

Sealing strip

The sealing strips in the paper machine spare parts are used for vacuum press rolls and vacuum beds. Under the correct operating procedures, the machine can be used for more than two years, which solves the problem of frequent shutdowns of the paper mill for maintenance and improves the production efficiency of the paper mill.

The unreasonable selection of the material of the vacuum suction roller sealing strip will cause obvious damage to the roller shell and greatly shorten the service life of the roller shell. Therefore, the selection of sealing strips for paper machine spare parts is very important.

Shower system

Simple control, convenient installation, and operation; the shower stops with sound and light alarm, automatic water stop to avoid wire damage; patented worm gear reducer, large driving torque, the low maintenance cost of paper machine spare parts, high speed, and reliable performance; the motor and the entire drive device are adopted the new sealing technology has good waterproof and safety guarantee.

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