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What does stock preparation include?

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Papermaking machinery includes raw stock preparation, pulping, papermaking until it is made into rolled or flat finished products, as well as the processing of paper and paperboard. Stock preparation equipment is the equipment for pretreatment and processing of papermaking raw materials according to the requirements of the cooking or pulping process before cooking or pulping. It is divided into nonwood fiber stock preparation equipment and wood fiber stock preparation equipment. The former includes grass cutter, reed cutter, and sugarcane pulper, while the latter includes Skinner, chipper, etc. Stock preparation is very important for an enterprise. It is related to the enterprise's commodity sales, commodity management, and commodity procurement. Therefore, this paper will introduce the detailed work of stock preparation in detail.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Management of stock preparation

  • Stock preparation

  • Handling of nonconforming products

Management of stock preparation

After the stock preparation, it must be classified according to the specifications and characteristics of accessories and ingredients, and stored and managed by date, location, location, and area; Spare parts or finished products with special requirements shall be carefully kept; Take safety measures for stock preparation; Do a good job in anti-theft, fire prevention, explosion-proof and moisture-proof work.

During stock preparation, the cleanliness of the warehouse plays a vital role in the detailed work of stock preparation. The warehouse shall be regularly and irregularly sorted, rectified, cleaned, and cleaned to keep the warehouse clean and tidy, indoor air circulation and prevent product deterioration and deformation; The marks of all parts in the warehouse must be clear; The retrieval of materials should be timely, fast and accurate.

Stock preparation and counting

Complete the statistics of material issuance and recovery of semi-finished products for one day's stock preparation every day; When doing this work, ensure that it is accurate all day, and make preparations for the distribution of accessories and ingredients tomorrow.

Make statistics on the receipt and delivery of materials and semi-finished products prepared in inventory every week, and further check whether there are errors and omissions in the work of the week, to find and solve them in time.

Strictly handle the month-end inventory of stock preparation, and prepare the report and submit it to the production department before the beginning of next month. Do a good job in the year-end inventory and cooperate with the financial department in the spot check.

Handling of nonconforming products

During stock preparation, unqualified parts shall be strictly screened, counted, and eliminated to ensure that customers can enjoy a perfect purchase experience. The accessories and ingredients produced in daily production shall be strictly inspected. For unqualified ingredients and accessories, the warehouse keeper shall strictly follow the approval form for disposal of unqualified products issued by the quality department and deal with them promptly.

The warehouse keeper must implement the nonconforming products of the production line by the nonconforming product control procedure and the nonconforming product management approval form, and handle the nonconforming products twice in the middle of each month; Have the right to refuse the person or product who fails to perform the formalities as required.

The above is all about the work of stock preparation in this paper. I hope the introduction of this paper can let you experience the company's strict implementation of stock preparation.

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