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What is the management system of stock preparation?

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The company focuses on manufacturing paper machine accessories and ingredients. From the perspective of emphasizing prevention, the enterprise should implement the "three Simultaneities" plan of stock preparation when formulating the equipment procurement plan: determine the equipment structure and model, determine the configuration of main parts of the equipment, and determine the spare parts preparation list of vulnerable parts. At the same time, the requirement of "three simultaneities" shall be reflected in the purchase contract or technical agreement signed with the manufacturer, and the plan can ensure the accuracy and pertinence of each part. This paper will introduce in detail the company's stock preparation management system.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Uniformity

  • Stock preparation start time

  • Emergency measures for stock preparation


To reduce the type and quantity of stock preparation, the structure and type of planned procurement equipment should be consistent with the equipment used on-site, and the spare parts should be as advanced as possible with the parts already configured by the field equipment. This requires that before the procurement of stock preparation, the structural composition of the total amount of equipment owned by the enterprise shall be analyzed. When the configuration requirements are put forward at the initial stage of procurement, the CNC system composition structure shall be gradually realized from the perspective of meeting the process requirements and according to the goal of consistency of each part. This structure makes it easier to realize the exchange, inspection, diagnosis, and emergency replacement of various parts on site.

Stock preparation start time

After the equipment is purchased, it does not need to be managed immediately according to the stock preparation list. Generally, it should be included in the scope of stock preparation half a year after the equipment is normally put into operation. For parts with a long procurement cycle and prone to failure, the equipment manufacturer can be separately required in the contract to attach a corresponding number of inventory backup parts. The inventory management of any equipment shall be coded separately according to the model, and the spare parts shall correspond to the code one by one without repetition, code string, and omission.

The alarm prompt function is added to the management system, which can be used to indicate that it is inconsistent with the stock preparation requirements, and blue indicates that the inventory is normal; Or add the window alarm when the computer starts and the items inconsistent with the inventory requirements can be displayed in the window to help the management personnel monitor the stock preparation management.

The stock preparation system shall also indicate the main machine tools used by each part and reflect the mutual substitutability. At the same time, considering the key management requirements of key parts, it shall be marked in the accounts.

Emergency measures for stock preparation

According to the management of the enterprise's warehouse preparation and the use of on-site equipment, an agreement can be signed with the local supplier. Some special instruments shall be prepared by the local supplier as the enterprise's emergency stock preparation. This situation is mainly applicable to the parts in which the supplier sells a large number of such spare parts in the region where the enterprise is located, but the enterprise uses a small number, high price, and great impact after machine failure.

The above is all about the management system of stock preparation in this page. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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