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What should be paid attention to when choosing and storing spare parts for paper machine

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Spare parts refer to finished processed parts prepared for processed products and the parent machine, such as purchased standard parts and various cutter heads for the parent machine. Paper machine spare parts generally refer to the wearing parts needed for maintenance, such as bearings, gears, shower systems, etc. It can be seen that the purchase and storage of spare parts are also extremely important. The following will introduce you to the relevant knowledge.

The following is a list of contents:

  • Standardize purchasing behavior

  • Stock room management

  • Difficulties in managing storage

Standardize purchasing behavior

To strengthen material management, standardize the purchase of paper machine spare parts, ensure the normal supply of paper machine spare parts, control purchase costs, and reduce production costs.

1. Strictly abide by the "Company Material Procurement Management Regulations".

2. The production or use department proposes a demand plan for paper machine spare parts as required. The normal maintenance requirement plan needs to be put forward 7 days in advance; the overhaul plan is put forward 30 days.

3. The temporary demand plan is proposed by the user department, and the paper machine spare parts can be used only after the production management department reviews them.

4. The Supply Department adheres to the procurement principles of multi-party inquiry, comparison of goods, and fixed-point selection for the procurement of paper machine spare parts.

5. Foreign spare parts or paper machine spare parts with high technical requirements need to be purchased by the technical department together. (Due to the long procurement cycle of foreign spare parts, it must be purchased in advance)

6. After the purchase of paper machine spare parts is completed, an invoice shall be requested in time to go through the storage procedures by the financial regulations. Promptly go to the finance to handle settlement and open account procedures.

Stock room management

1. The inventory room has a dedicated person responsible for establishing a detailed account of the inventory and requisition of paper machine spare parts.

2. The paper machine spare parts are placed in an orderly and reasonable manner. The room is kept tidy and clean.

3. Only paper machine spare parts, instruments, wires, gram, and other items can be placed in the inventory room, and cross arms, porcelain bottles, hoops, and other hardware are all returned to the warehouse, and the team can directly collect them when needed.

Difficulties in managing storage

1. There are scattered storage, scattered data, statistical time, and frequent transfer of paper machine spare parts, which cannot be reflected in the book in time.

2. Either multi-management, troublesome auditing, or lack of management, resulting in a waste of assets.

3. The workload of inventory is huge and the information is not reflected in time, which leads to the repeated purchase of paper machine spare parts, which greatly increases the cost of the enterprise.

To strengthen the management of paper machine spare parts, improve the level of internal management, and provide enterprise managers with a more scientific basis for decision-making. Barcode and Internet technology can be introduced into the management of paper machine spare parts, and an information management system that can reflect the true situation of spare parts in time from both the book and the physical aspects.

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