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What should the daily management of paper machines do?

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Now the paper industry has long abandoned the manual operation methods that used to consume manual processes, cumbersome and inefficient, and has been replaced by fully automatic machinery. With these fully automatic machines, the efficiency of the paper industry is not only greatly improved, but also the quality of the paper produced is getting better and better. Then, because of the fully automated operation that new problems appear, that is, once the paper machine has problems, all work can not be carried out. The following will introduce in detail how the paper machine is maintained in daily work.


The following is a list of contents:

  • Prevention of paper machine

  • Check the paper machine regularly

  • Clean the paper machine

Prevention of paper machine

The paper machine is determined by its process, the equipment cluster and unit volume are huge, and the degree of continuity and automation is high. Therefore, once damaged, it will have a huge impact. To avoid losses, the design of paper machine is also constantly improved, and timely control problems will appear to a large extent.

Once the machine is running, it will be affected by the production process and equipment operation, and there are often sudden problems that are difficult to control. Therefore, timely maintenance can be important work to reduce losses. At the same time, due to the increasing investment in automation and high-speed equipment, it can effectively reduce the production cost per unit product. To prevent the problems of a paper machine, the cost of equipment maintenance is also increased.

Check the paper machine regularly

1. The gear and transmission shaft are the core parts of the yellow paper machine. For the secondary parts, sit down for regular inspection, pay attention to whether there is an abnormal sound during the operation of the equipment, whether the temperature between the parts is too high, and check the wear degree between the parts. Once problems are found, stop the machine in time and arrange professionals for maintenance.

2. The maintenance of the water tank is also very important. When changing the screen and blanket of the suction box of the paper machine, it is necessary to check the wear of the box surface. If there is an uneven phenomenon, it shall be repaired in time to maintain the flatness and smoothness of the box surface.

3. The steam inlet head of the dryer of the paper machine is a frequently used part, so it is necessary to pay attention to its condition. The steam inlet head needs to be checked frequently and replaced with new packing when it is shut down. In recent years, most rotary joints are used to replace the old joints, and the advantageous effect is more obvious.

4. The tightness of various scrapers and cylinder roller surfaces of the paper machine needs to be repaired in time. The specific method can be to use the method of light transmission for troubleshooting. Once abnormal conditions are found, they need to be adjusted in time.

Clean paper machine

The service life of the paper machine is closely related to daily maintenance. To ensure the good and long-term operation of the paper machine, we should not only beware of the wear of equipment components but also pay attention to the cleaning of machinery and equipment. The cleanliness of the equipment has a great impact on the normal operation of the paper machine and the quality of finished products. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the oil stains of equipment components and bearings regularly.

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