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How to install press felt ?

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First, Precautions before operation:

1. Check whether the package is complete;

2. Check whether the product number, specification and weight are the same as the order content;

3. Open the package, check the felt appearance quality and size, verify the product number and check the running arrow.

Second, Precautions during installation:

1. Clean the relevant parts of the paper machine;

2. See clearly the front and back sides of the paper felt and its running direction;

3. Prevent oil contamination and hard objects from damaging the felt;

4. Do not pull hard.

Third, Precautions during idling:

1. Flatten all parts of the felt evenly;

2. Wet the felt evenly and fully with clean water;

3. Tension the felt properly;

4. Check the condition of all rollers and felt;

5. Exert certain pressure;

6. Paper machine crawling;

7. Further tension the felt;

8. Apply pressure to normal pressure;

9. Clean and soften the felt;

10. Turn on the washing water and vacuum system;

11. Adjust and check the felt running state.

Forth, Attentions when putting pulp to produce paper:

1. Make good preparation before releasing pulp;

2. Adjust the tension of the felt to the normal state in time after releasing the pulp;

3. Ensure that the line pressure on both sides of the pressing part is consistent and adjust the line pressure in time;

4. Ensure the normal operation of vacuum system and washing system;

5. Observe the running state of the felt and adjust it in time;

6. Prevent pulp and damaged paper from entering the pressing area or felt.

Fifth, Matters needing attention in daily maintenance:

1. Prevent felt from discount, uneven wear, uneven washing and damage;

2. Correctly use high-pressure water, fan-shaped water and vacuum washing box;

3. Strengthen the continuous and regular washing of felt, and use chemical detergents reasonably;

4. When the downtime exceeds four hours, wash and relax the felt thoroughly.

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