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How to install the forming fabric

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How to Install Forming fabric

1. Before installing the forming wire, kindly check the equipment if it is in good condition, the surface of wires should be forbidden from unevenness, slanting, burr, sand, etc.

2. The running direction must be in accordance with the direction of the arrow on the wire, the wire should be placed in the correct position, and the rollers should be paralleled with each other to prevent the wires from being deflected.

3. There should be a swinging high-pressure water device that used to wash wire. Water pressure is not lower than 6-10 kg/cm² for the medium and low-speed paper machine; speed more than 350m/min, water pressure is not lower than 10-15 kg/cm²; When using multi-layer forming wire, water pressure is not lower than 15-30 kg/cm², meanwhile water should be clean and without sand.

4. When installing the forming wire, firstly let the wire be slightly tensioned, add water to lubricate the operation, adjust the tension to normal after sizing, keep the tension of the low-speed paper machine at 3-4 kg/cm², and high speed one at 4-6 kg/cm².


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