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How to select machinery of papermaking machinery in raw stock preparation?

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Papermaking machinery includes raw stock preparation, pulping, paper manufacturing until it is made into rolled or flat finished products, as well as the processing of paper and paperboard. Stock preparation equipment is the equipment for pretreatment and processing of papermaking raw materials according to the requirements of the cooking or pulping process before cooking or pulping. It is divided into non-wood fiber stock preparation equipment and wood fiber stock preparation equipment. The former includes grass cutter, reed cutter, and sugarcane pulper, while the latter includes Skinner, chipper, etc. This paper will focus on how to select raw stock preparation machinery in raw stock preparation.

The following is a list of contents:

  • According to the equipment model and material

  • According to mechanical production speed and performance

  • According to the price of the machinery

  • According to the manufacturer's after-sales service

According to the equipment model and material

First, it is necessary to determine the equipment model and raw material selection of the raw stock preparation machinery to be purchased, because whether it is a paper burning machine or a toilet paper machine, their production capacity and prices are different when preparing raw materials; Different raw materials, different equipment configurations and different prices. Generally, the users who choose paper-burning machines mostly choose the equipment with small volume and good production efficiency. The investment in raw stock preparation is also small, and the performance is stable and the operation is fully automated. It is very suitable for friends who invest and start businesses to set up family workshops and small and medium-sized processing plants.

According to mechanical production speed and performance

Second, understand the production speed and embossing and punching performance of the equipment. Because the production speed determines the efficiency of raw stock preparation, the stronger the production capacity of the equipment, the higher the efficiency of raw stock preparation. Embossing and punching is an important index to determine the equipment quality and product quality, which will also affect the sales of products.

According to the price of the machinery

Third, we must understand the price of various models of raw stock preparation equipment. The equipment produced by each papermaking raw stock preparation equipment manufacturer is different, the quality is also uneven, and the price difference is so great that many users are confused about the choice. The price of some products is often very low, but the quality is not good, so we need to polish our eyes whedddn buying, beware of raw stock preparation equipment with low price and pay attention to product quality.

According to the manufacturer's after-sales service

Professional manufacturers must have good after-sales service, which can relieve us of all worries when preparing raw materials. After-sales service of raw stock preparation is very important because they can provide professional maintenance services for the majority of users. Only in this way can we make the production of our paper machinery and equipment normal, and also ensure the product quality of users.

The above is about how to select stock preparation. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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