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How to use the dryer fabric

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How to use the dryer fabric

  • Use and maintenance of dryer fabrics

Dryer fabric in the use of the process must strengthen inspection, maintenance, to ensure its service life. Therefore, the dryer mesh tension should be properly controlled. Usually, the operating tension is 1 ~ 3 kg/m. If the tension is too large, it is easy to break the roller or cause the joint to open.

Dryer fabric in the use of the process, such as wrinkles or damage, can be repaired the method is:

(1) The damage of the net edge, can be cut with scissors to cut the damage, and then hot melt treatment;

(2) The net crack, available polyester suture fork suture, and then coated with adhesive, on the small cracks to be coated with adhesive can be;

(3) The joint is improved, and the polymylar suture is used for serrated suture to prevent the weft from being pulled open;

(4) Slight wrinkling can be ironed on the roller. When the wrinkled part is worn, the adhesive can be coated.

  • The washing method is as follows

(1) Washing on the machine can be done with compressed air of 400-500kpa or variable pressure, or with dioxane detergent, and then with clean water;

(2) Wash under the machine, generally in hot water of 50-60 ℃, soak in neutral detergent for 24 hours, then brush with soft nylon brush, and finally rinse with high-pressure water.


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