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Introduction of paper machine clothing drying cloth

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In short, paper machine clothing baking cloth is the cloth (material) used to bake products. Specifically, powder products need to remove moisture, and they cannot be dried quickly under normal temperature conditions. Therefore, an oven can be used to achieve the purpose, and an oven alone is not enough. In this case, it is necessary to use paper machine clothing as a cushion to support. Paper machine clothing can not only breathe but also resist high temperatures without deformation. Next, let's take a look at the introduction of paper machine clothing drying cloth. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • What is a paper machine clothing drying cloth?

  • The characteristics of paper machine clothing dryer fabric.

  • Packaging and delivery of paper machine clothing drying cloth.

What is a paper machine clothing drying cloth?

Paper machine clothing is one of the finishing processes of drying fabrics. Dry the grey fabric with a cloth dryer to reach the required moisture regain of the fabric. The grey cloth of cotton fabric and the lower woven fabric of the water jet loom have high moisture regain rates and are prone to mildew. They can be stored, transported, or stored only after being dried by paper machine clothing. The drying machine uses a steam-passing drying cylinder to dry the fabric and controls the moisture regain of the fabric by increasing or decreasing the steam pressure. The paper machine clothing drying cloth can be driven by the motor of the matching cloth washing machine without an independent power source, to keep the fabric line speed of the two machines uniform. At present, the storage time of cotton fabric grey cloth is not long. Except for special needs, paper machine clothing is usually not dried. The design of cotton weaving factories generally no longer configures drying machines.

The characteristics of paper machine clothing dryer fabric.

Paper machine clothing dryer fabric is a highly air-permeable fabric, used in the dryer of the fourdrinier paper machine and cardboard machine. The paper machine clothing dryer fabric is made of various plastic synthetic fibers as the main raw material, through weaving and heat setting. According to the needs of special resin treatment, mesh joints are also more advanced. The fabric has the characteristics of heat resistance, wear resistance, and high air permeability. Obvious effect on energy saving and speed-up. The dryer fabric is highly adaptable and can be used from thin paper to thick cardboard.

Packaging and delivery of paper machine clothing drying cloth.

Paper machine clothing drying cloth is wrapped with bubble film and waste thick cloth while protecting the inner fabric. Air uses special fabric packaging for outer wrapping and a composite wooden box for sea transportation.

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