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Maintenance and maintenance of spare parts for paper machine

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Paper machine spare parts play a vital role in the perfect operation of paper machine equipment. Therefore, the maintenance of paper machine spare parts are also essential. Below I will explain the maintenance of some key spare parts in detail for you.

The following is a list of contents:

Forming net maintenance

maintenance of boot covers

New felt maintenance

Spare parts maintenance regulations

Forming net maintenance

Carefully clean the frame of the net section, the ceramic panels, and the places that are not easy to clean. Remove the old felts, old nets, etc., and install the corrector baffle, rack guardrail, walking platform, and roller safety frame, oil pipe, gas pipe wait (breast lifting roller, screen lifting roller should check whether there are hanging nets everywhere in the paper machine spare parts), carefully check whether there are foreign objects and sharp parts in the net part and handle them properly, so that the screen can be changed easily.

maintenance of boot covers

1. The boot covers in the paper machine spare parts are valuables, collisions and scratches are strictly prohibited. Before starting the maintenance, wash the woolen cloth and boot cover to ensure that there is no pulp and debris on the surface of the boot cover.

2. During the production process, pay attention to avoid foreign matter entering the nip of the paper machine spare parts, pay attention to the vacuum degree during the paper threading process, whether the position of the upper felt roller is appropriate, and avoid the paper web from walking with the felt.

3. When shutting down for maintenance, use a hand to check whether there is unevenness on the surface of the paper machine spare parts, check the surface of the shoe cover, whether the color is consistent, and check whether the oil pipe and air pipe are leaking or leaking.

New felt maintenance

1. Before replacing the new felt on the machine, clean the ground on the operating side of the press section, keep the ground dry, spread clean old felt or waste paper, open the outer packing box, and identify the front and back of the paper machine spare parts and the running direction.

2. Comprehensively check and clean the surface of each roller in the press section to see if there is any entanglement of pulp, to prevent the felt from shrinking and folding after the machine is started. Check whether the paper machine spare parts are flexible and easy to use.

3. After the shutdown, the felt should be relaxed, because the felt will gradually dry and shrink after the shutdown. If the felt is not relaxed after the shutdown, the tension of the felt may increase to exceed the operating tension, causing some guide rollers, tensioning mechanisms, and bearings to be out of quality. Thereby affecting the service life of paper machine spare parts.

Spare parts maintenance regulations

1. The warehouse of the paper machine spare parts should be kept clean and dry. For the inbound spare parts, the appearance quality should be checked frequently, and if any problems are found, the custodian should report to the spare parts planner and deal with them in time.

2. The metal products and rubber products in the paper machine spare parts should not be stored in the open air. They should be stored in special warehouses. Do not put them together with acids, alkalis, chemicals, and other corrosive items. Rubber products should not be exposed to sunlight during storage. Direct exposure, keep away from the heat source one meter away to prevent aging and deterioration.

3. The paper machine spare parts of the precision screw, main shaft, and relatively long shaft must be hung vertically on the shelf to prevent deformation.

4. For the storage and inventory of precision paper machine spare parts, you must carry gloves to prevent rusting of the parts caused by hand sweat and prevent scratches on the smooth surface.

5. The paper machine spare parts should be placed on the shelf during storage. The light-weight spare parts are evenly placed on the shelf and the heavier spare parts are placed under the shelf, which is convenient for the distribution of spare parts and can ensure the safety in the distribution of the paper machine spare parts.

Please read carefully, you will gain a lot of unexpected knowledge.

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