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Method to protect doctor blade

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Once in the maintenance period, the doctor blade is usually easily ignored. But some simple routine maintenance can keep the equipment running efficiently.One of the most effective ways to check the same problem is to check the blade with vision. The following table shows the different types of blade wear and the corresponding treatment methods. This inspection method is very effective.





Uneven wear, frequent blade replacement

1. The surface of roller or dryer is   uneven
  2. The doctor holder is damaged or dirty
  3. Sediment

1. Use a softer blade
  2. Clean, repair or replace the doctor holder
  3. Use abrasive blade

Excessive wear on middle or edge of blade

1. The blade is not installed on the   top of the roller
  2. The old blade sinks (or leaves) the roller or dryer

1. Refit or add gasket at the back   of blade if necessary
  2. Replace the old and sunken blade

Excessive wear at one end of blade

The displacement of blade is not   parallel to the axial direction of roller or dryer

Add gasket, if necessary, move bearing   and bracket to adjust scraper parallel to axial direction

The blade is worn evenly, but the   end face is rough

1. There is deposit on the surface of   roller or dryer
  2. The pressure of blade is too high
  3. The material of blade is too hard

1. Use abrasive blade when necessary
  2. Reduce the pressure
  3. Use a slightly soft blade

Excessive wear in sheet area

The sheet leaves sediment on the   roller or dryer

1. Use abrasive blade when necessary
  2. Trim the edge of blade frequently
  3. Use blade with slotted end to prevent excessive pressure on both ends   of roller or dryer

Excessive wear out of sheet area

The sheet lubricates the roller or   dryer

Use blade with slotted end

Local depression

The blade is damaged, electrostatic   (discharge/ electrolysis /heating)

Insulate the blade from the   holder or use a non-metallic blade

The blade produces burr

1.The material of the blade is too   soft
  2. The pressure is too high
  3. The angle of the blade is too small

1. Use a slightly hard scraper
  2. Reduce the pressure
  3. Adjust the bearing or bracket to increase the angle, and use the   instrument to check and correct the angle

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