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What type of headbox is in paper making equipment?

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The headbox is a key component of paper making equipment, a hub connecting the two parts of "flow" and "forming", and it is also one of the fastest-growing parts of the paper machine. The function of the headbox is to send the required pulp to the forming wire by the requirements of the forming part of the paper machine, providing the necessary prerequisites for the good forming of the paper web. Next, let us know what types of headboxes are in paper making equipment. Here are some answers.


Here is the content list:

  • Open headbox.

  • Hydraulic headbox.

  • Air cushion headbox.

Open headbox.

The main equipment such as the flow process and perforated rolls of the open headbox is similar to that of the air-cushion headbox. The working speed of the open headbox in paper making equipment is mainly slow, and it is suitable for paper making equipment with a working speed of 80-280m/min. It has the following characteristics. The first is that the pulp level in the box is used to control the pulp speed, which is usually controlled by adjusting the height of the weir in the box. Second, is equipped with a dial gauge that can be fine-tuned. The third is the lateral deviation of the paper web ±1%-2%.

Hydraulic headbox.

The hydraulic headbox is suitable for speeds of 320-1200m/min. The pulp is evenly distributed to the stepping pipe through the tapered main pipe, and dilution water is injected into the pulp before the pulp enters the stepped pipe to adjust the concentration and increase the basis weight of the whole paper web. This paper making equipment is used for sizing the long-line section of paper making machines such as cardboard paper, corrugated base paper, writing, and printing paper, and offset paper. Its structure uses a special CD profile adjustment device with dilution water. At the same time, a high turbulence generator with a special blade design and a top piece with a precise adjustment mechanism is also used. Its box is welded by a steel plate, lined with stainless steel or all stainless steel welded.

Air cushion headbox.

The air-cushioned headbox can increase the sizing pressure to meet the requirements of medium and high-speed paper machines. The headbox is composed of a square cone pipe device, a uniform roller device, an upper lip plate adjustment device, a box body, a control system, a spray device, and an air duct system. The headbox is designed according to customer performance parameters to ensure working performance. The applicable speed range is 160-480m/min. It has the following advantages. First, this paper making equipment can produce a uniform and stable quantity of paper with no longitudinal flow of the web. Second, the lip area of the headbox is not affected by pressure, temperature, and lip opening, ensuring uniform width distribution. Third, it is easy to keep the cabinet clean. Fourth, its jet and linear velocity ratio are controllable.

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