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felt production process and advantages

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Wide Seam Felt 

press felt 7

Papermaking seam felt is an indispensable dehydration equipment for the wet end and press end of modern papermaking. The paper-making seam felt is loaded on the press roller on the paper machine to carry and transfer the paper. The paper-making blanket removes the moisture of the wet paper sheet under the extrusion of the press roller or vacuum suction, which can modify the surface of the paper sheet to a certain extent.

The fiber net is formed on both sides of the base cloth by needling. The fiber net includes the surface layer with paper surface and the inner layer with paper surface on one side of the base cloth, and the reverse layer on the other side of the base cloth.

Production Process



a. Real export data 

b. Seam/endless felt account for 75% export value

c. ≤12m width available

d. European latest technology and team

e. Good faith,energetic and professional team.

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