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Dewatering Element Ceramic Felt Suction Box

The dewatering elements used in paper machines include dewatering board (or wiper board), forming board and vacuum suction tank panel. The pulp is leveled through the forming board, and a small part of water is removed at the same time. Then it enters the dehydration plate to scrape off the moisture, and finally enters the vacuum suction tank panel for forced dehydration by vacuum.

Felt Suction Box

The felt suction box includes a box body, on which a dehydration panel is arranged, and the dehydration panel includes a bottom supporting plate.

On the bottom supporting plate, a strip base with fixed spacing distribution and parallel to each other is arranged; a dewatering hole is arranged between two adjacent strip bases; two ends of the dehydration hole are equipped with a pull-out sealing strip; a middle seat is arranged on the strip base; the middle seat is connected with the strip base through a T-shaped structure; and the middle seat is provided with a wear-resistant strip The wear strip is connected with the middle seat through dovetail structure, and the wear strip is made of silicon nitride.

We have single slot felt suction box,double slot felt suction box and three slot felt suction box for you choose.


Main Features

1.New Material (A2LO3ZrO2Si3N4)

2.Low friction Coefficient

3.Stable Structure

4.High-Strength matrix of fiber glass/carbon fiber

5.Firmly fixed structure

6.Easy to replace

7.Low adhesive rate for mixtures

8.Movable bar

9.Effectively protect felt

Packing & Delivery

Wooden case or as customers' requests.



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