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Paper Machine Spray Shower System

Spray device (including nozzle) is one of the indispensable technical equipment of any type of paper machine. Its main functions are web cutting, cleaning mesh blanket and spraying / humidifying.

Shower System

Simple control,easy installation and operation;If the shower stops,sound and light will alarm,and the water will stop automatically,so as to avoid the damage of the wire;Patented worm gear and wheel reduction box,big drive torque,low maintenance rate and reliable capability;the motor and the whole driving equipment use new type seal technology, has good water-proof and safty insurance.

21354Digital-control shower

With the use of digital control system, the speed and formation can be adjusted online,and the reciprocating moving speed (0~600mm/min) of the nozzle can be adjusted according to the actual speed, the length of the blanket and the distance between the nozzle, and the coverage stroke (3~308mm) can be adjusted online according to the actual width of the felt & wire, so as to ensure the thorough cleaning of the whole width of the blanket. 

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Technical Parameters

Quality of water for spray pipes and selection of nozzles:

Solid content mg/ L Water filtered through a 100-mesh sieve
0-50 Equal to filtered water
50-75 Nozzles less than 1mm should not be used
75-100 Nozzles less than 1.5mm should not be used
100-200 Nozzles less than 3mm should not be used
More than 200 A clean nozzle is recommended

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