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Forming fabric is one of the most popular products of the company. Sun Hong has many years of production experience and can provide you with the most competitive prices and the most professional technical support. We can customize professional integrated services for you according to your needs.

Sun Hong Forming Fabric Series

As a common equipment in the forming section of the paper machine, the forming fabric is made of polyester fiber. It has the functions of forming, dewatering, and conveying, etc., and determines the operation and quality of the paper. It circulates in the forming section, and the pulp passes through the vibrator and water spray device. Evenly distributed on the forming fabric, the moisture is filtered out through the mesh, and the fibers on the forming fabric form the initial state of the paper.

  • A single layer forming fabric has the simplest weave pattern. This paper machine screen is composed by one CD yarn and one MD yarn system. Single layer forming fabrics can be woven into various patterns for different performance and applications.

    Sun Hong Forming Fabric producted with imported Equipment 14m German Weaving machine. Wide weaving width makes sure the rate of finished products yields. Austria Automatic seaming machine obtains Average splice point and strong constructions and Norway 14.5m heatsetting machine.
  • The forming fabric is an important equipment for pulp forming and plays a key role in pulp forming. When the pulp is on the forming fabric, the fibers will be retained, and the moisture will separate from the mesh, allowing the pulp to be formed into paper.
  • Double layer forming fabric usually means that the weft yarn has a double-layer structure. Compared with single layer forming fabric, double layer warp and weft have higher density, strong stability, but less stretchable.
  • 2.5 layer forming fabrics are also known as support shute double layer fabrics or double layer extra designs. It extra support double layer forming fabrics are to further improve the characteristics of double layer design. 

Forming Fabric Advantages

The forming fabric features excellent drainage, adaptable mesh structures for various paper types, and easy maintenance. Its design ensures even fiber distribution, effective pulp residue removal, and reduced malfunctions.

Strong Drainage Capacity

The mesh structure can effectively filter the moisture in the pulp, so that the fibers are evenly distributed on the net, which is conducive to forming the initial state of paper.

Strong Adaptability

It can be adjusted according to the mesh shape, aperture and different types of paper of the forming fabric.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Regular cleaning and maintenance are relatively simple, which can effectively remove pulp residue, keep the forming fabric holes unobstructed, and reduce malfunctions and quality problems

Differences Between Forming Fabrics

1.5 Layer Forming Fabric

Air Permeability: 8500 m³/㎡h (540 CFM)

Water Permeability: 39 s/5L

Caliper: 1.200 mm

Compared with single layer, 1.5-layer forming fabric adds fine-wire support wires to the paper surface, which improves the retention rate of fine fibers. The wear surface adopts coarse weft wire diameter and 10-harness mesh structure design, which has a longer service life, good stability, strength and dehydration ability, and ensures the dehydration speed of paper. Suitable for 50-400m/min board paper, corrugated paper, kraft paper machine.

2.5 Layer Forming Fabric

Air Permeability: 5500 m³/㎡h (350 CFM)

water permeability: 55 s/5L

Caliper: 0.920 mm

2.5 layer forming fabric: As one of Sun Hong's best-selling forming fabrics, the 2.5 layer forming fabric has a higher fiber retention rate than other forming fabrics. The bottom weft adopts a double warp locking structure, and the wear surface adopts a medium-thickness weft wire diameter and a 16-harness mesh structure design. The paper is smoother and more delicate, without mesh marks, and easy to peel. It is suitable for medium and high-speed paper machines and is suitable for making newsprint, packaging paper, printing paper, etc..

Triple Layer Forming Fabric

Air Permeability: 5500 m³/㎡h (350 CFM)

Water Permeability: 58 s/5L

Caliper: 0.870 mm

Triple layer forming fabric: As Sun Hong's largest export forming fabric, it adopts a 2-harness plain weave structure design, and the wear surface adopts a medium-thickness weft wire diameter and a 5-harness satin weave structure design. Compared with other forming fabrics, it has higher fiber support, good paper quality, excellent dehydration ability and dehydration speed, and an open structure and neat drainage system that is conducive to the cleaning of the forming fabric. It is widely used in high-speed paper machines and is suitable for the production of high-grade printing paper, thin paper, etc.

Production Workshop

Sun Hong has introduced internationally advanced R&D and testing equipment from Sweden, Norway, Austria, etc., and produces a full range of forming fabric specifications. With more than ten years of production experience, we have cooperated with more than 300 paper mills around the world.

Weaving of Forming Fabric

Forming Fabric Heat Setting

Forming Fabric Manufacturing Interface

Sun Hong Forming Fabric Factory

Sun Hong has a 2,500 square meter self-built factory to provide you with better quality and more competitively priced products. The experienced technical team provides you with professional technical support and integrated services, perfect pre-sales and after-sales services, eliminating all your troubles.


  • Q: What should be paid attention to before installing the forming fabric?
    A: Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check and remove foreign objects on the forming fabric and the automatic net guide system according to the direction of the arrow on the forming fabric.
  • Q: What should be paid attention to when using the forming fabric in normal times?
    A: When the paper machine is shut down, turn off the vacuum water suction device to avoid partial sinking of the forming fabric and accelerating the wear and wrinkling of the forming fabric. Turn off the high-pressure water at the same time to avoid partial sinking of the forming fabric and accelerating the wear and wrinkling of the net.
  • Q: How to deal with the forming fabric when the paper machine is shut down?
    If the shutdown time is short, on a paper machine with low load and low pulp temperature, the original operating tension value can be retained;
    If it is on a high-speed paper machine with high load and high temperature, even if it is shut down for a short time (the fourdrinier paper machine is at creeping speed), the tension must be relaxed;
    If the machine is shut down for a long time, all tensions need to be relaxed and the forming fabric needs to be stored without tension. It can also be washed and unrolled for storage.
  • Q: Why does the forming fabric produce delayed wear?
    A: Hysteresis wear is caused by the running speed of the forming fabric being lower than the surface of the dewatering elements and other devices in contact with it. It usually occurs at the couch roll or drive roll.
  • Q: What is the reason for the rapid wear of the edge of the forming fabric?
    A: Most of the most serious wear is at the joint between the vacuum and the non-vacuum, about 10-15cm from the edge of the forming fabric. At this time, it is necessary to increase the width of the vacuum box opening, add normal pressure lubricating water to the edge of the vacuum box, or apply reinforcing ribs at appropriate locations.

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