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Double-Cylinder A4 Culture Writing Paper Machine

The writing paper machine including the headbox, the forming section, the press section, the dryer section, the calender, the winder, the transmission part and the auxiliary systems such as steam, water, vacuum, lubrication and heat recovery.


Writing Paper Machine

I. Technical parameters:

1. Raw material: Wood;

2. Output paper style: A4 paper;

3. Capacity: 2.5-3T/D;

4. Output paper weight: 80-140G/M2;

5. Net paper width: 1200mm;

6. Width of copper cylinder: 1450mm

7. Rail gauge: 1800mm;

8. Drive way: AC inverter speed, section drive;

II. Main structure and characteristic of main part:

1. Cylinder section: Φ 1250mm× 1450mm stainless steel cylinder mould 2(PCS), Φ 400mm× 1450mm couch roll 3(PCS), reverse roll 1 (PCS), coated by rubber, rubber hardness HSD 38ºC±

2. Press section: Φ 450mm× 1450mm marble roll 1 PCS, Φ 400mm× 1450mm rubber roll 1 PCS, coated by rubber, rubber hardness HSD 90ºC± 2. Pneumatic loading device.

3. Dryer section: Φ 1500mm× 1450mm alloy dryer can 2 PCS, Φ 400mm× 1450mm touch roll 1PCS, coated by rubber, Rubber hardness HSD 90ºC± 2, pneumatic loading device.

4. Drive and control section: AC inverter speed, section drive.



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