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Three Wire Multi-Cylinder Coated White Cardboard Paper Machine

The supply starts from the headbox to the winder. The specific contents include: headbox, wire section, press section, dryer section, sizing machine, calender, internal coater, gloss calender, transmission department, compressed air system, lubrication system, hydraulic system, foundation department, moisture meter, winder and control system.



Coated White Cardboard Paper Machine


Paper machine process flow:

Air cushion headbox ----- triple wire section (bottom wire table is 24m long, core wire table is 10m long and surface wire table is 7.5m long) --- vacuum pre-press Φ 1000/ Φ 1050 ------ two Jumbo roller press Φ 1350/ Φ 1350 - pre dryer section (paper guide cylinder) Φ 1100mm+ Φ 1800mm, 6 + 8 + 10) -- sizing machine Φ 905/ Φ 900 ------ post dryer section( Φ 1800mm, arrangement 2 + 10) -- calender Φ 650/ Φ 650 ------- B / M reserved ---- reel (reel drum Φ 1100mm)---Coater --- double zone soft calender --- state adjusting cylinder --- B / M reserved --- reel

Technical Data

Main products: Coated White Cardboard Paper

Quantitative: 100-250g / m2

Theoretical output: 201 tons / day, calculated as 100g / m2,400 m / min, 24 hours

Trim width: 3500mm

Pope reel width: 3550mm

Working speed: maximum 400m / min

Transmission speed: 400m / min

Design speed: 500M / min

Dynamic balance speed: 600m / min, winding roll balance speed: 1800m / min

Roll balance: grade G2.5

Dryer balance: grade G4

Winding roll: grade G1.6

Transmission mode: AC variable frequency motor, variable frequency speed regulation, divisional transmission.

Layout: single layer layout

Arrangement type: left hand machine

Gauge:      4800mm



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