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Paper Machine Clothing includes Press Felt, Forming Fabric, Dryer Fabric and Cylinder Mould Mesh. Press Felt is an important consumption material in papermaking industry. It is mainly used in fourdrinier paper machine, cylinder paper machine, paperboard machine to transfer wet paper and dehydration. It has the function of forming paper web, dewatering from the paper web and conveying paper web. Forming fabric is a device for paper forming and dewatering. It dehydrates the pulp suspension from headbox and runs the paper sheet to the subsequent section. Dryer Fabric is also called dryer screen ,dryer mesh or dryer belt. Dryer fabric is used in dryer section. The paper sheet moves around heated dryer cylinder, where remaining water is removed by evaporation, dryer fabric makes the paper sheet and dryer cylinder contact closely through the dryer section. It mainly have three type such as spiral dryer fabric, round yarn dryer fabric and flat yarn dryer fabric. Cylinder Mould Mesh is one of the main drying and filtering materials in the world, so it is widely used in chemical industry, paper industry, printing and dyeing industry, food drying, etc. Especially in the field of paper making, it is an indispensable valuable and consumable dehydration equipment in the paper industry.

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