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Pick Up Felt

The pick-up felt – the first felt in the press section – is the most crucial. “Pick-up felts typically remove at least half of the water in the press section and are critical for machine runnability. Our structures and treatments have made our pick-up felts very competitive in the market.
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Production line

warping → weave base layer →  setting for base layer → finishing batt layer → needling → heat setting → print logo →  packaging

Pick up felt features

1. High anti-compaction capacity.
2. Extremely high elasticity and recoverability. 

3. Strong drainability and larger void volume
4. Long holding time of wear resistance and plastic strength of felt. 
5. Smooth felt surface and even pressure distribution. 

Pick up felt classification

A pick up felt for the dewatering section or press section is formed with base layer and batt layer. Base layer includes MD yarn and CD yarn, batt layer contains top batt, middle batt and back batt.

According to the using position, pick up felt has three types: wet felt, dry felt and upper felt.

According to the structure, pick up felt could be divided into single layer, double layer and triple layer.


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