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Press Felt
Single Layer Felt
 Synthetic mono-filament or multi-filament
Good filterability
Easy to wash and clean
Double Layer Felt
 1+1 composite structure
Double layer of MD yarn structure
High press resistance
Permeability and size stability
Triple Layer Felt
 Structures of 1 +2, 2 +1 and 1 +1 +1 composite felts
Resistance against high pressure loadings
Large void volume
High surface smoothness
High Speed Machine Press Felt
Sun Hong also specializes in producing press felt for high-speed paper machines, which are suitable for speed ≥ 1000 m/min
Sun Hong Press Felt has a structure that provides a good start-up and high nip dewatering, features strength and stability good.Coming in a variety of base weights, the felt can be used in all positions.
Analysis Of Common Problems Of 
Press Felt
 Have you ever meet felt lint in the process of using press felt?
After using the felt, is there embossing on your paper surface?
​​​​​​​ Is your press felt deformed after use?
​​​​​​​ The service life of the felt is short and the wear is serious?
The Installation Of The Felt
01 Keep the felt clean to prevent oil from sticking to the felt.
02 Before the felt is flattened on each roll, it is not allowed to drop the top press roll, couch roll or support roll. Never pressurize the press roll until the paper machine is running normally.
03 When the felt is running slowly until it is running well, moisten the felt evenly with water until the water is saturated, then adjust the tension to stretch the felts to the optimum length, width and dehydration condition.
04 There shall be sufficient gap between the spoke and the shaft sleeve or between the spoke and the spoke to make the felt easy to cover and avoid pulling the felt in through the gap.
05 Before starting the machine, check whether there are foreign matters on the top and bottom of the felt, as well as pressing and auxiliary devices.
06 The running direction of the felt on the paper machine shall be marked by the arrow on the felt surface.
Sun Hong Paper Machine Clothing
Sun Hong 
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  • Feb
    What is the management system of stock preparation?

    The company focuses on manufacturing paper machine accessories and ingredients. From the perspective of emphasizing prevention, the enterprise should implement the "three Simultaneities" plan of stock preparation when formulating the equipment procurement plan: determine the equipment structure and

  • Sep
    Classification and purchase of paper machine clothing press felt

    Paper machine clothing press felt is an important consumable material in the paper industry. Mainly used in fourdrinier paper machine, drum paper machine, cardboard machine to transport wet paper and dewater. Paper machine clothing press felt can be divided into single-layer felt, double-layer felt

  • Jul
    Sun Hong Felt & Fabric Industry

    As one of the biggest textile technology products manufacturers in China, Sun Hong Group have exported 96 country and have more than 300 customers.We adhere to the technology development strategy of high starting point and high investment. Sun Hong fabrics focus on paper and pulp industry with cost-effective products and one by one design solution, help customer reducing energy consumption,increase capacity while obtaining excellent ending paper property.We commit ourselves to providing the first class-product and serve for you, your satisfaction is our pursuit.

  • May
    How to install press felt ?

    First, Precautions before operation:1. Check whether the package is complete;2. Check whether the product number, specification and weight are the same as the order content;3. Open the package, check the felt appearance quality and size, verify the product number and check the running arrow.Second,

  • May
    Things you need to know about felt lint ? Why and How to slove it ?

    Reason:There are many reasons for the damage and the lint of the felt, mainly two of which are scraped by machine parts and chemical damage.1.The most common reason is that the surface of the press felt torn loosened by high pressure water.2.Lack of lubricating water between the vacuum panel and the

  • How to get the price of press felt?

    Please provide us with the following information:your paper machine speed, paper kind, paper weight and the size of the felt(W*L*GSM)
  • What are the causes of press felt lint?

    There are many reasons for the damage and the lint of the felt, mainly two of which are scraped by machine parts and chemical damage. The most common is that the surface of the press felt torn loosened by high pressure water.Sometimes the responsibility is not with the fabric, because the fibers can also come from pulp or even from outside systems.
  • What causes the standard thread of press felt to run off or bend and deform in front and back?

    ①The length of both sides of the press felt is not the same
    ②The paper machine rollers are not parallel, causing the press felt to be unevenly tightened
    ③Uneven watering of the press felt when restarting the machine, resulting in inconsistent shrinkage of the press felt.
  • What should I do if the press felt becomes wider after use?

    The press felt may become wider after a period of use, which is normal. Don't tear it by hand, you should stop machine and cut off the extra edge after it is dry, then use a soldering iron to iron the edge.
  • What should we pay attention to when changing a new felt?

    Distinguish the front and back side of the felts.
    Install according to the standard line on the felt
  • How to choose the suitable felt?

    According to different paper kind ,paper weight and machine speed to choose suitable felts. Welcome to contact us to get the suitable design solution.
  • What kinds of paper machine felts can be divided into?

    According to the structure of the felts , it can be divided into single layer, double layer and triple layer.
    According to use position, it can be divided in to press felt, pickup felt and dryer felt.
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